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Diets don't work. That's why we focus on teaching you a flexible approach to eating with our nutrition coaching program. We want you to develop habits that turn into a lifestyle that you can sustain.

​Work one-on-one with a certified nutrition coach, and get a customized plan that is designed specifically for you and your goals. No two people are alike, and your nutrition plan should reflect that as well.


Don Waldera


NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Nutritional Coaching Institute, Level 1 Nutrition Coach

Precision Nutrition, Level 1 Nutrition Coach


CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

USA Weightlifting Level 1 Coach

"Don is a great nutrition coach. We have worked together with a few nutrition clients. He also helped me cut weight for a lower weight class through nutrition programming. I highly recommend Don and his company if you need nutritional help."


"With the various diet plans out there (paleo, keto, whole 30...) it’s hard to find a nutrition plan that not only works but that’s also sustainable. Don’s nutrition program will not only focus on weight loss (or gain if that’s your goal) but also overall health. No gimmicks. No one size fits all diet plan. He’ll structure a plan that fits your tastes and needs - one that’s not painful to follow but still works. I highly recommend him!!!"


"When I joined the gym in the fall of 2016, I really started getting into CrossFit, and like everyone else, I wanted to get better. As hard as I tried to hit new PR’s and better WOD times, I had reached a plateau. Although I was getting a little stronger, I was also gaining weight…and not the good kind. At that point, Don introduced me to his nutrition program. The gym was having a weight loss contest, and with my entry fee, I got nutrition coaching from Don. Hands down, the best thing that I’ve ever done for my overall fitness…In three short months, I dropped 33 pounds. I felt better, I looked better and my workouts were more efficient and effective. If you’ve made a commitment to CrossFit and overall fitness, this is a must. Thanks Don!"



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Complete our application form so we can learn as much as we can about you, your goals and your expectations.

Meet Your Coach

Your coach will reach out to introduce himself and your plan. You'll receive information on how to use the coaching application, how to track your food, and some helpful tools to guide you along the way.

Track and Communicate

Start tracking your food and working toward your goals. Your coach will check in on you each week, looking for as much feedback as you're willing to share so that we can continue to help throughout your journey.



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