Custom Diet Template

Whether you are looking to build muscle or lose fat, I will build a plan specific to your goals and your lifestyle.

This plan will outline a list of foods to choose from to reach specific protein, carbohydrate and dietary fat goals for each meal, as well as how much of each to eat with those meals.

You will get meal timing recommendations based on 3, 4 and 5 meal per day plans as well.

This will include multiple plans to take you through the initial maintenance phase, fat loss or muscle building phases, and your new maintenance phase.


Custom Training Program

Whether you are looking to build muscle or lose fat, I will build a fitness plan that is specific to your goals and your lifestyle.

This program will be customized based on your goals, training preferences, available time for training, and access to equipment.

Programs are designed to run for 12 weeks, and could be run over again once completed, unless you desire something new.


Online Nutrition Coaching

Get a plan, a coach, support and accountability to reach your goals.

With a nutrition coach, you will receive a sustainable nutrition plan to help you achieve the goals that you are seeking.

You'll check in every week so that I can evaluate your progress and provide feedback.

You can reach out any time with questions or concerns throughout our time together.


Remote Personal Training


With a remote personal trainer, you will receive a custom-designed program, based on your goals. Your program will be designed around the equipment that you have available.

You will also have regular check-ins to evaluate your progress. You will have the support and accountability that you don't get from a purchased program.


Group Challenges

Challenges tailored to you and your community. Whether you are looking for a challenge to run at your gym, business, school, etc. we can customize a health and fitness challenge for you.



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Don Waldera


Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

Nutrition Certifications:

NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Nutritional Coaching Institute

Precision Nutrition

Fitness Certifications:


ISSA Personal Trainer

USA Weightlifting

"Don is a great nutrition coach. We have worked together with a few nutrition clients. He also helped me cut weight for a lower weight class through nutrition programming. I highly recommend Don and his company if you need nutritional help."


"It’s hard to find a nutrition plan that not only works but that’s also sustainable. Don’s nutrition program will not only focus on weight loss (or gain if that’s your goal) but also overall health. No gimmicks. No one size fits all diet plan. He’ll structure a plan that fits your tastes and needs - one that’s not painful to follow but still works. I highly recommend him!!!"


"When I joined the gym in the fall of 2016, I really started getting into CrossFit, and like everyone Hands down, the best thing that I’ve ever done for my overall fitness…In three short months, I dropped 33 pounds. I felt better, I looked better and my workouts were more efficient and effective. If you’ve made a commitment to CrossFit and overall fitness, this is a must."


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